Medical Compression

Compression therapy is essential for treatment and prevention of venous disease. By applying compression, the veins cannot dilate even if the valves are weak or non-functioning. It forces the blood to keep moving back to the heart. Compression socks and stockings help the venous return, decrease venous pressure, prevent venous stasis, and efficiently relieve aching and heavy legs. It is recommended that the socks or stocking are worn daily. This will help in the management and prevention of varicose veins and other circulatory problems.

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Class Pressure (mmhg) Common indications Who Should Wear Them
O 15–20 Healthy to Mild functional venous insufficiency Anyone with early signs of reflux or otherwise healthy legs
I 20–30 Chronic venous insufficiency, symptomatic varicose veins, DVT Daily wear for anyone with history of reflux, pregnant women, traveling by flight, work requiring long periods of sitting or standing
II 30–40 Symptomatic varicose veins, DVT, venous ulcers Mostly “post-treatment” Post treatment or if you have DVT and/or ulcers
III 40–50 Venous Ulcers
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